Health Insurance

The cost of cosmetic surgery is quite high and hence if you are planning one the first thought that should cross your mind is whether your general health insurance covers the expenses. The benchmark of determining whether cosmetic surgery is covered or not is by evaluating whether the procedure is medically necessary or not for maintaining good health. Therefore such surgeries like liposuction for obesity or morbid obesity, skin grafts

Processed Foods

Processed foods have definitely changed our eating habits and have greatly impacted our lifestyles as well. In the modern hectic world where life moves on roller skates, more and more people are getting less time to sit down to elaborately prepared lunches or dinners. It is eating on the go and thus the much preferred option is food that takes the minimum time to prepare. This is basically the heart

Food Processing

In the early stages of the food processing industry safety standards were so appallingly poor that people routinely got killed, maimed or injured. Journalist Upton Sinclair’s book “The Jungle” offered a look into the horrors of Chicago’s meat processing industry leading to massive reforms in this sector. But fool proof safety mechanisms have still not been put in place and accidents do take place in this industry. Here are some

Food Processing Business

Food processing typically is the transformation of cooked ingredients into food or other forms through a process that involves physical or chemical means. The main focus is to make food into an easily marketable product that the consumer can easily prepare and serve. There are various processes involved in it such as liquefaction, emulsification, mincing, macerating, boiling and frying. These are called the secondary stages of preparation while the primary

Food Industries

Before going into the various job profiles for food industries per se, it is important to know what it is all about. The rise of the food industry can be attributed to the fact that food do not come from the source to the table directly. Food grains or livestock have to be processed before they are sold and this is what the food processing industry is based on. This

Food Processing

The food processing industry has seen an exponential growth in the past couple of decades, primarily because of the convenience it offers consumers. Packed and preserved food items bought off super market shelves is simply a “heat and eat” activity. However, being fully dependent on such stuff is definitely not advisable as food has to be preserved with chemicals. There is after all no substitute for fresh food. The act