Food today is not merely edible items today, it is big business too. Moving food from the farm to the table is a huge logistics issue and this alone consumes billions of dollars every year. Additionally, the food processing industry today has the same massive dimensions and is expanding at a fast clip.

However, awareness of food as an industry and business is not high among the general population. The many intricacies of this aspect of food are still a grey area to most people. Few people realize the immense effort and processing that a simple can of pineapples in brine seen on supermarket shelves have gone through.

This is what we at www.pridemark-everest.com have set out to do. Our blog spot is a bit removed from the primary subject of food. Our focus and effort is on backend activities that go on in bringing food to the table or the retail store in whatever form it might be – fresh vegetables and meat or the canned and processed ones. Most importantly, constant innovations and technological advancements in this area has greatly modernised the food processing industry which we feel should be known to all.

To make our blog spot truly representative with information, news and trivia about food business from all corners of the globe, we invite contribution from bloggers with expertise and professional knowledge in this field. Blogs can be on any topic provided it is related to this niche of food business. If this sounds a bit baffling, here are a few suggestions from our side.

Potential writers to our site can send blogs on the various facets of the food processing industry, from its benefits to its processes. Technological strides and advancements made in this sector too can be touched on. Further, bloggers can also dwell on the scientific studies being conducted around the world to increase food production through high yield seeds.

Our only guideline to our bloggers is that all write-ups should be original and unique and any data or statistics should be up to date. We will send emails as confirmation once the blogs are published on our site.