Does your Health Insurance Covers cosmetic surgery

Health Insurance

The cost of cosmetic surgery is quite high and hence if you are planning one the first thought that should cross your mind is whether your general health insurance covers the expenses.

The benchmark of determining whether cosmetic surgery is covered or not is by evaluating whether the procedure is medically necessary or not for maintaining good health. Therefore such surgeries like liposuction for obesity or morbid obesity, skin grafts especially in burns cases and breast prostheses implants after breast cancer removal surgery are usually covered.

However, there are no fixed rules in this regard. In Australia you will do well to get in touch with private insurers to get the true picture. It is worthwhile also to find out if the same treatments as in cosmetic surgery like fat reduction or skin rejuvenation on IPL machines in Melbourne or anywhere else in the country are covered or not. Cosmetic surgeries may be covered but the position of insurers with regard to non-invasive treatments is not clear.

Top beauty salons and spas with state of the art machines may also be contacted to know about insurance coverage when clients take up aesthetic treatments through them. In some cases too, part of the treatment is covered to a limited extent and hence there is a gap payment where you have to pay the difference.

Today advanced machines based on laser and IPL technologies have replaced surgical procedures in a few types of treatments, especially anti-ageing procedures. In Australia, superior machines imported and supplied by Australian Aesthetic Devices have revolutionised cosmetic procedures. You can visit website of the company to find about the insurance angle in treatments carried out on their equipment in salons and spas in Australia.

Coming back to cosmetic surgeries, some treatments are partially covered and some are not covered at all. Elective surgeries for aesthetic enhancements and non-medically necessary cases fall in this niche. Surgeries include breast augmentation, liposuction or Rhinoplasty (a nose job) may be covered to a certain extent by private insurers. Surgeon’s fees may be reimbursed but not the surgery theatre charges. It is therefore advisable that patient’s find out with their insurers the extent of coverage before booking the surgery.

Even if you see that you are not covered for a certain type of cosmetic surgery, you can take out a complications insurance just in case you face any adverse side effects from surgery. It will give you peace of mind that you will be reimbursed for any unlikely occurrence or complications arising during surgery or after.

Complications insurance is not a part of general health insurance but if you are opting for any cosmetic surgery that is not covered by your health insurance, this will come in handy if you face any problems. This part of medical expenses will at least be reimbursed to you.